Dockerizing KG5KEY.com

No, I’m not dead yet..

An update on my work on this website

When I initially spun up this DigitalOcean VPS, I just installed the software I needed via apt. As my needs grew, the list of software I used grew just as fast. This quickly became a mess as I tried to managed software I forgot I had installed.

Dependencies grew, and of course I ran into the typical limbo of managing conflicting software. Yikes

Dockerize Everything

Naturally, I began the slow process of using Docker to simplify software installs and dependencies. Docker containerizes software, preventing the need to manage dependencies and helps eliminate the But it worked on my machine!1!! excuse.

What got Dockerized?

So far the list is ever pending. Once I got the Dockerized versions of the software working on the new droplet to an acceptable extent, I nuked the old VPS.

  • Grafana (Dashboard)
  • InfluxDB (Database)
  • Red-DiscordBot (Discord bot, mainly for fun.)
  • Transmission (Bittorrent)
  • Jekyll (Takes the markdown files and turns them into this poorly maintained blog.)

At the moment, nginx is not Dockerized. I have no idea how to setup reverse proxy while nginx is dockerized.

See you in another year I guess,

73 de Erich KG5KEY